Taking Care: How To Make A Home Safe For An Elderly Parent


This first one is pretty obvious. Most falls, trips and spills are preventable and occur simply because the older person cannot see.

Addressing this easy and fairly economical to implement.

With things like macular degeneration, changes in colour perception, problems focusing and other issues affecting the eye as it ages, your parent will definitely need to have more light than they did when they were in their twenties.

One simple way of doing this is by installing several LED insertion spots.

Inbouwspotjes LED make a good choice for all homes, not just ones with a senior citizen living in it, because they disperse the light evenly and this can really help with eyes which are finding it harder to focus.

Built-in LED spots also are a great way to ensure that any of those ominous ‘dark corners’ in your parent’s dwelling are banished for good. And this can only be a good thing for safety in the home!

We like inbouw led spotjes because they are cheap and long lasting and will not need constant maintenance, making them a good choice for someone who is possibly less able to reach up to be able to change a light fitting.

In fact, it is estimated that a bulb such as the bathroom badkamer led spots 12 V may last for up to fifteen years!


Removing trip hazards is another essential thing to do on the check list for making a home safe for an older person.

Mats and rugs should be non slip. It also helps to make the floor easily visible against the walls, so try to avoid the same colour all over.

Another thing to think about is reducing the use of large or complicated patterns, as they could prove confusing to an older person and maybe present a stumble hazard.


The kitchen is full of potential dangers, none more obvious than the cooker.

Make sure, where possible, that any new purchases have all the safety features like automatically turning off gas/ electricity and stove guard.

Especially if your parent is on their own, maybe encourage the use of the microwave over the conventional oven. Look to purchase microwavable plates and bowls and minimise the use of any heavy pots or pans.

Once again, if the kitchen is poorly lit then custom fitted inbouw led spots keuken is one solution.


Another source of potential danger is in the bathroom.

Naturally, you will want to look at issues such as ease of access to the bath, in a safe manner. It might be easier for your parent to shower, than to get in and out of the bath, so think about removing the bath for an accessible shower.

High rise toilets and handles to grab, especially getting out of the bath and shower, are other essential items to have for an aging parent.

Non slip mats are another excellent feature and once again, it is time to consider if there is adequate lighting in there.

Badkamer spotjes and other LED inbouwspots dimbaar badkamer are available to help turn the lights up – and down – as needed.


The stairs are a major source of falls and other accidents in the home.

Carefully inspect the state of the carpets, make sure they are fitted properly and there is no snagging.

It might be necessary to make the ends of the stairs more visible, so your parent can see exactly which step is which.

Installing an extra handrail is an easy job and might prevent a serious fall from occurring.

This list is not exhaustive, but covers most of the major points needed to make home a safe place for our parents, as they grow older.

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