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We want our readers to feel as though they are part of our site. If you feel as if a particular celebrity is not getting enough attention in the form of our articles, videos and photos, or you want to tell us about your favorite celebrity, we are always happy to hear from you. We have a system at our site where our editors spend some time each day going through the feedback we receive from our loyal readers. And one of the types of feedback we love hearing about pertains to your favorite celebrity. We always want to hear about the celebrities that are making the biggest impression on our readers.

Maybe you were really impressed by a TV show appearance or a movie your favorite celebrity recently completed, or you really love their music or art. In either case, we want to learn the name of your favorite celebrity, and why you love them so much. We may feature some of your snippets in articles on our site, or we may tweak some of our coverage of certain celebrities to make sure they are better represented. The motto of our site is to give our readers what they want!

Sometimes our readers may be privy to information that has not yet come to our writers’ and editors’ attention. If you have some gossip from Los Angeles or other celebrity hotspots, you may want to send one of our editors an email. We will have to go through some type of verification system to make sure you are an authentic source of information, but we are always happy to get gossip contributions from our readers. It keeps our site active and it makes the readers feel as though they are a part of the story. So get in touch with us today through our site!