SEO and Marketing for Celebrity News Sites

When it comes to the creation of a celebrity news site, the general rules apply. It is very important to ensure you have created a gorgeous layout for your site, while you also need to make sure the appropriate sections are in place for articles. Not only will you want your site to look gorgeous, but you will also want it to appear smoothly and flawlessly on various devices. Sites that are easy to read not only attract more eyeballs, but they also place higher on Google search engine results pages. But what about search engine optimization and other marketing tools for celebrity news sites?


Social Media

One of the best ways to market a celebrity news site is through social media. With Twitter, Instagram and Facebook taking over people’s lives and shaping how they browse the internet, a celebrity news site has plenty of scope to gain readers through these social media platforms. Whenever a major bit of celebrity news or gossip breaks, the celebrity’s name is often a trending topic on social media platforms. With the right marketing, keywords and quality writing, celebrity news sites can make sure they are the source that people are clicking on the most with regards to these news stories.

Another aspect of social media to consider is getting retweeted or shared by celebrities themselves. It may seem odd, but celebrities are always eager to showcase news stories that involve them, especially if those stories are positive. When you craft articles and headlines that are the right combination of interesting and positive, you will have a much easier time getting retweeted or shared by the celebrity who is the subject of the story. And when you are getting those retweets or shares, it is almost a guarantee that you will get tens of thousands of additional views on your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Much like a successful website about any topic, a celebrity news site has to make sure they are using SEO in the right manner. All the usual rules apply regarding keywords, but it is important to research more specific keywords if you want to get ahead of the competition. For instance, entering phrases such as “Lindsay Lohan gossip” or “Selena Gomez scandal” are a good start, but there are probably hundreds of sites that are using these keywords. And you will find your site among that crowd unless you conduct research into longer and more specific keywords that your prospective readers may use when they want to discover the latest news and gossip about their favorite celebrities.

The right combination of a high quality website, a proper social media presence and search engine optimization will ensure your celebrity news site is a complete success. it will require a great deal of hard work, but the rewards will become apparent when you are getting hundreds of thousands of page views on all your stories. When it comes to news stories that get a ton of clicks, celebrity news stories are almost always at the very top of the pile!

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