Plastic Surgery on Celebrities


Plastic surgery and celebrities are two words that are intertwined in our modern society. If you were to make a list of the number of celebrities over 30 who have NOT had some type of plastic surgery done on their body, you could probably list off the names on your ten fingers. Some celebrities go for outlandish types of plastic surgery, where the results are easy spot, but most of them will have subtle changes made to their face and body over the years. Plastic surgery not only helps celebrities appear more handsome and beautiful, but it helps hide the flaws and wrinkles of aging.


So what types of plastic surgery are most common on celebrities? The number one type of surgery you would associate with celebrities is rhinoplasty, or a nose job. There are hundreds of celebrities who have had major or minor alterations made to their nose, and most of them get those changes done when they first become famous. Instead of waiting until they get older, they get rhinoplasty surgery done as soon as they can afford to spend the money on the procedure. It is especially common among women, because a simple nose job can really transform a woman’s entire face, making them appear more exotic and beautiful.


But what is rhinoplasty and how does it work? Rhinoplasty surgery is a type of medical procedure that is designed to help promote the symmetry of your nose and the other features on your face. In some cases, rhinoplasty is performed when a person has trouble with sinus infections or while breathing through their nose. In the case of celebrities, the vast majority of rhinoplasty procedures are performed because they want their nose to look thinner and more symmetrical. They also use the procedure as a way to get rid of any obvious humps, depressions or imperfections on their nose.



Breast augmentation is another type of plastic surgery that is very popular among celebrities. While some actresses, singers and models are happy with their breast size, many others will go through a procedure to go up one or two sizes. In most of the cases, you may not even notice a celebrity has gone through the procedure, because they will not go for dramatic breast enlargement. Instead, they merely want to go up a couple of sizes, where it makes them look more attractive, but does not look tacky or obvious.


Botox injections on the lips are also very common, especially over the past few years. In the past, having tiny and petite lips was something considered attractive among women. But the trend lines have shifted towards larger and more voluminous lips, which is why many celebrities will opt for a Botox injection or two in order to make their lips appear fuller and more attractive. Many A-list celebrities, such as Madonna and Kylie Jenner, have gone through with Botox injections on their lips over the past few years. The procedure is even more popular because there are almost no negative effects of adding a bit of Botox to your lips.


Fat reduction or tummy tucks are also very popular among celebrities. Both male and female celebrities will go through these procedures, especially if they lost a lot of weight in a short space of time, or had a baby. When the body goes through rapid increases and then decreases in weight, it is common for some of the skin around the stomach area to sag. A tummy tuck can get rid of the sagging and provide a very natural and tight looking appearance in the stomach region.

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